5 Best Tools for Uploading Your Photos To Facebook

Facebook, the ultimate Social Networking Site that which changed the entire pattern and lead to a revolutionary change that made it a Most popular Network and recently it achieved over 500 Million active users. Facebook is the popular or most probably the greatest site you ever have experienced. Its the best place for Business, Marketing, Advertising and many more, all these were possible because of its Mass following and popularity.

I have been using the Default Facebook Uploader for uploading my Images to Facebook, but while browsing through new I found there are many websites that were providing the integration with Facebook. I stopped at Photobucket which is providing direct Photo Uploading option to Facebook, then I got an Idea for providing the list of 5 tools for Uploading our photos to Facebook. So, in hurry I jumped into the search for finding and framing the list.

Here are the 5 Best Tools for Uploading your Photos to Facebook

  1. Photobucket
  2. Flickr2Facebook
  3. Live Upload to Facebook
  4. Photo Uploader to Facebook
  5. Picasa Uploader


  • Photobucket offers image hosting, free photo sharing and video sharing. Upload your photos, host your videos, and share them with friends and family.
  • You can log-in to the photobucket website using your Facebook account or its registered account that enables you upload picture to Facebook. This is the efficient alternative for typical Facebook Uploader.

#2. Flickr2Facebook

  • An unofficial website by Keebler that transfer applications to Facebook. This page explained the steps to be followed inorder to share pictures from your Flickr account onto your Facebook.
  • This is really simple website that helps you to upload photos to Facebook, one of the best alternative to Facebook Default Uploader

#3. LiveUpload to Facebook

  • LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos and videos to Facebook.
  • Its the option that is strictly suggestable for Windows users. It also allows you to tag and maintain the privacy levels for your photo gallery.

#4. Photo Uploader to Facebook

  • Its simply another Windows option that allows you to edit and post your photos onto Facebook from your PC or Laptop. You have to Download this program, you can upload photos directly to Facebook, without visiting the website.

#5. Picasa Uploader

  • Upload your favorite photos and videos to Picasa Web Albums from Google.
  • Picasa has a plugin that allows you to upload your images from this application. Just install this uploader, and select the Facebook button. That’s it you will be able to upload your photos to Facebook.

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