Best Android Torrent App List To Download Torrents

Torrent websites have been under the law enforcement radar for quite some time now, and we’ve seen several big torrent websites shut down. Nonetheless a significant number of popular torrent sites are still in service. Don’t forget to read our article about the best torrent app for searching the best sites for the content you like.

  1. Flud – Flud is a free Android torrent app, full of features. It comes with a clean user interface and doesn’t give your downloads or uploads any arbitrary speed limit. You can select which files to download, add files to torrent, choose a specific download folder, etc.
  2. uTorrent – UTorrent claims to be one of the best Android torrent software, with more than 100 million downloads. With support for magnet connections, you can open a torrent quest, and set a maximum number of active torrents at once. You can download and play multiple files as a playlist in one go. This has built-in media library and media player to play music and video files.
  3. BitTorrent – BitTorrent, you certainly can’t skip this one when it comes to finding the best Android torrent downloader because Bittorrent is where it all began. The app is nearly similar to the uTorrent version. It provides no unique download speed or size limit on downloads.
  4. zetaTorrent – ZetaTorrent is a special and full-featured Android torrent app. It comes with an integrated browser with an ad-blocker, bookmarks, history options etc. It can recognize torrent files and magnet links which can be downloaded automatically.
  5. TorrDroid – TorrDroid provides a trouble free way to search and access files. The main page is divided into three parts-history, scan, and download. To start a torrent search, you can enter a search term and description of a file. It has built-in file explorer, search engine, magnet connection support, WiFi-only mode, and so on.
  6. tTorrent Lite – TTorrent is another stable Android torrent client with all the key features. You can scan for torrent files, set speed limits to download / upload, set maximum active downloads and active seeds etc. It supports magnet connections, sequential download mode, Wi-Fi only mode, RSS feeds and a number of protocols are supported.
  7. FrostWire – FrostWire features a simple user interface and the main torrenting tools. It includes a torrent search dialog with downloader support for magnet connections. Search results can be filtered by form of search.

There is a myriad of many such torrent clients available online but not many can compete with the ones provided above. Did this list of best torrent app for Android help you to find the best torrent app for Android? Share your views in the comments.

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