Make Uploading Data to Your Website Easy With a PHP File Upload Utility

Aurigma PHP File Upload is a complete solution which makes it easy to implement an upload section on any website which is quick and easy to use. It makes all processes of uploading data to your website easier with its user-friendly interface. It is ideal for tasks such as adding and managing photo albums on a website, managing documents or sharing files over the webpage. This is the right tool for such a job, solving all upload-related tasks cheaply and efficiently. Aurigma is implanted in a combination of client-side JavaScript, ActiveX control/Java applet and a server-side PHP code if not required for making uploads to the site possible in the most user-friendly manner possible. Flash control is also supported. Since Flash, ActiveX and Java are supported by all modern browsers, this solution is versatile and reliable. It is 100% compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers.

Aurigma PHP File Upload is suitable for integrating into any website. There are many sites where a PHP upload utility can be highly beneficial, if not required for making uploads to the site possible in the most user-friendly manner possible. The API makes creating the upload processing PHP code easy and configuring the user interface is also straightforward and you are given plenty of options. The user interface configuration allows you to change the PHP uploader’s appearance, language and set any file type restrictions. A detailed user documentation is included along with PHP code samples to demonstrate what you can do with the application and the best ways to come up with the most efficient customized code. This will help you to get more about of the utility and its features.

Aurigma PHP File Upload is packed full of useful features that web developers need to create the most reliable and user-friendly solutions. It supports the uploading of any file type and multiple files may be uploaded together. However, you can configure the utility in such a way that it only works with specific file types, such as picture files for example. There is no practical limit to the size of the files that you can upload either; files of several gigabytes are supported. Photos may be uploaded easily, along with a few extra features such as an automatic resize feature. Additional data can be sent alongside files. In addition to these features, users can enjoy a multilingual interface.

So, if you are looking to build a website with a reliable PHP upload utility, or you are planning to add such a feature to an existing website, Aurigma PHP File Upload will likely be the perfect solution that you have been looking for. There is simply no other way to so easily add upload functionality to any type of website. Aurigma PHP File Upload is available in two different forms. The standard Professional License costs $499 per domain or server. The other option is the Professional License with Maintenance, costing $623 per server or domain. This includes an extra 25% charge for annual maintenance subscription. A free trial edition is also available from, giving you the opportunity to experience the utility before purchasing it.

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